Technology Services

Technology has intruded every sector of human race. Technology does it in a more efficient and effortless way which is the sole reason why there is call for technology in all the sectors.
We offer technology solutions like automation, customized to meet client needs.

Application Development and maintenance

Our Application Services are cost effective with improved speed to market and increased quality. This enables our clients to transform in view of their digital future. Our services include full application lifecycle, custom systems development and covers all leading technology platforms (both traditional and cloud/SaaS based) and emerging technologies.

  1. Application Modernization : We offer our clients innovative solutions that support and extend the useful life of traditional applications, quickly transforming non-performing systems and migrating custom systems written in vintage languages to more efficient, latest and sustainable solutions. That is more manageable application portfolios, limited business disruption and decreased risk at reduced costs.
  2. Application Outsourcing : We provide services like management of ongoing applications, group of applications, or entire applications portfolio. We help clients move from challenge to complete solution with ease, pace and agility at lower costs.
  3. Application Testing : We offer all services from top to bottom in the testing strategy and execution services from core to specialized digital transformations. Ours is an intelligent approach which offers lower test operation costs, increased tester productivity and improved application quality with reduced critical defects.
  4. Architecture Services : We offer foundational technology architecture development which includes custom, complex software design, implementation and integration of multiple systems to maximize scalability and performance that spans a broad range of computing mechanisms.
  5. Capacity Services : We provide skilled IT professionals in addition to existing client teams. We offer both of offshore and onshore resources at reduced costs that improves project start-up times and increase IT agility and business. 


Sherji has a unique strategy to help organizations design, build, test and manage their applications to take their business a level ahead.

We offer:

Our global reach is unmatched and our Global network has client work being delivered across six continents, on site offices and client locations across 120 countries.

We’ve been an application services leader for many years. We’re quality integrator for Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many of the leading software and hardware providers.

We have sound knowledge of our clients and their industry. We combine specialized industry experiences and assets in numerous industries to catalyze creative, industry-specific solutions.

We stands for excellence in delivery. We always outperform the industry according to third party benchmarks. We deliver reliable, measurable, repeatable and predictable results with reduced risk and speed to market with our standardized processes, methods and tools.

Our uniquely talented people are projects us to be different among our competitors. We hire, train and develop the best people in the industry. We impart them our strong culture of client service as they work collaboratively with our clients to deliver high performance at scale.

Office of operations

Sherji Technologies,
Brigade Road,
Trivandrum - 695035

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Email: mail@sherji.com 
Phone: +91 999 533 1679

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