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Cloud has the potential to source, scale and deliver computing capacity on demand. Firms are better equipped to meet fluctuations in business needs and develop new services to improve performance if they are supported by a public, private or hybrid cloud.

In a few years’ time, cloud has transformed business into a new perspective which was once considered impossible to imagine. In the present world, organizations utilize cloud-based hardware, software and services to boost efficiency, improve competitiveness and facilitate quick innovations.  Our services are designed to for maximizing returns from their cloud investments, by helping organizations make the right choices across the entire stack. Our understanding of legacy infrastructure allows us to deploy and manage solutions that coexist on-premise and on the cloud. We bring cloud strategies to life by establishing the foundation and migrating to cloud

What we Offer

  1. Cloud Security Services - Security is the biggest question for every enterprise when moving data and applications to the cloud. This has become the major concern in any cloud migration strategy. For every organization, thorough understanding and quick action on the complexity that comes with cloud security is necessary. It’s also important ensure they adhere to industry and regulatory norms at the same time they meet the needs of the organization.
  2. Cloud Advisory Services - In the IT landscape, cloud adoption is not just a technology induction. It brings a strategic change in the manner IT systems are managed and developed. The enterprises have to clearly identify their drivers, study the target state and disposition (public / public cloud, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) / platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) and establish deep roots (across people, process, and technology) in the course of the transformation journey. This will lead to sure success.
  3. SAP on Cloud - With the growing significance of cloud within the enterprise, businesses are concerned about the improvement in performance of their ERP systems, particularly their SAP systems by moving it to the cloud. However in the traditional approaach, SAP systems that have been vital applications have been kept off from any cloud migration strategy. 
  4. Public Cloud Services - Now a days, public clouds provide reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure, software, and platforms to meet business and IT requirements of diverse organizations. Technology advancements has led to fast declining computational and storage costs, thus making public clouds an economical and viable option for the IT world.  We help organizations transform their IT landscape by framing their cloud strategy, evaluating the right platform, migrating workloads, and managing operations.
  5. Hybrid Cloud Transformation - Enterprises looking to make use of the cloud to explore new business horizons need to ensure they have a sound cloud strategy in place. Within an enterprise, different businesses have different objectives. Enterprises need to carefully evaluate which application or workload should be moved to the cloud and what should remain on premise, in order ensure significant returns on their cloud and IT investments,. With a plethora of vendors, choosing the right cloud service provider who can meet the needs of a hybrid IT environment poses a challenge. We offer efficient and planned hybrid cloud transformation services.

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