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Today’s business and market involves complex strategies. To move on the right path requires long term planning and study of the market. Sherji technology offers efficient, elaborate and continuous business planning and strategy building thereby taking your business one step ahead.

The reinvention of 7 interrelated business activities provides the ground for Digital Transformation. They together redefine the core of a new digital enterprise

  1. Marketing : moving to precision marketing from mass media marketing, by funding on the central role of digital, customer data explosion and the evolution of new Exchange models for media buying
  2. Enterprise IT : moving to multi-speed IT from industries, by funding on agile development methods, shifting to open source solutions available in the cloud and moving to a globally distributed development model
  3. Experience : moving to experience led from customer focused, by synching customer journeys to business models while capitalizing on real-time customer data.
  4. Products & Services : moving to service ecosystems from individual products, by funding on the rise of smart, connected products which have open APIs to develop new value added services.
  5. Commerce : moving to omni-channel Commerce from point solutions, by funding on technology and mobility to align internal operations to the explosion of customer buying points and changing customer expectations.
  6. Data : moving from backward looking to real time impact – by funding on the explosion of customer & operational data along with the availability of advanced analytics & processing power to efficiently act on that data.
  7. Organization : moving to fluid/collaborative models rooted in learning from models rooted in expertise & silos, by creating roles & processes that empower multidisciplinary thinking.
A new digital business model has been defined by the reinvention of key business activities where digital has become the core rather than an extension. The blueprint for a new Platform that transforms the way a company interacts with its customers has been developed by the reimagined set of business activities like Marketing, Enterprise IT, Experience, Products & Services, Commerce, Data & Organization which allows step change improvement in both top line growth & operating efficiency.

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